The South of England sees thousands of feet marching over it from mid-March on wards, in the run-up to the London Marathon! For many runners, the 13.1 mile distances, for example from Dartford to Reading and from Colchester to Hastings, are used as a warm up exercise in preparation of the London Marathon to take place at the end of April. Other runners train in their own way for the distance. However an individual may view these races, one thing is for absolute certain; everyone has some form of training schedule in place. “It was this concept that made us think about the process of refurbishing or decorating an office space or commercial area and how success hinges on having a well thought out plan” claims a spokesperson for HL Decorating. “A plan that has many similarities with a marathon training plan.”

Race Day

View the completion day as a ‘race day’ – the day when, following a period of preparation, an organisation can begin to use a particular space. How well a space, whether it is for commercial, educational or office use, can perform much depends on the time and effort that went into making it look and be functional. One thing is for sure, the daily life of the workers who will be in the space is directly affected by the quality of the refurbishment and the decisions made along the way.

Building up the Distance

Training plans are all about gradually increasing the distance that a runner attempts to complete week by week, a commercial refurbishment can quickly increase in terms of inflating as well as scale. The pitfall of uncovering more and more structural challenges rather than solutions can be avoided when time is invested in thorough planning. Taking the time at the start to fully analyse a space and understand what exactly needs to happen, can keep maintenance realistic and keep control of the costing.

Different Sets of Muscles

Runners don’t just need strong legs, they need a strong core to match them. In the same way a project, whether it be an office or a commercial premise, has to have a focus towards infrastructure. Starting a painting project will be futile if the power points need to be moved in a few months time. Make sure that every aspect of the space is scrutinised to make sure there is no wasted areas.

Circuit Training

How a project gets underway can seem to happen at speed levels that vary radically, at times a light jog, at other times a full on sprint. Time may pass by without seeing any significant change. This can lead to a frustrated business owner. However, preparation is not about making noteworthy changes in appearance. View this time as an investment and when the work is complete the benefits will be clearly visible.

The Taper

Within the few weeks before the London Marathon runners will spend less time pounding their local streets. To make sure that their body is at its absolute best for the race day, a runner will taper, in other words they will decrease their distances. In the same way, when all of the main structural and visual detail is finished, the walls are in place, partitions are perfected, electrics have been installed and painting is complete, the pace has another adjustment to make. Small features such as positioning foliage may not make an initial impact. However, for the workers who are going to be in the space for around 37 hours every week, week in and week out, it is these details that are going to boost productivity.

Those forty thousand amateur runners covering their Marathon distance in London will have fulfilled a goal that has months, years or even a lifetime of investment behind it. Taking on a commercial refurbishment is something similar – when quality preparation happens first, great results are sure to follow.