Many people have benefited up to hundreds of millions because of using internet technology from home. If they can, then you can do it too. However, to earning money from home legally, you need to understand some skills first. You can learn these skills or skills over time, so don’t worry about trying, OK?

In this post, we will identify various legitimate methods to earn money. With the right method, you will achieve success only with the internet from home.

Earning Money


Improve Blog

The legal way to make initial money is by improving the website. If the website you create is attractive and has a lot of tourists, the income you will have will multiply!

You can create a website for free on Blogger, WordPress and others. After that, determine the right web niche and use the SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) method to publish articles, images, or videos.

In order for your website to be profitable, you need to be consistent in managing the website. If your website is already popular, you can get Adsense from Google, moreover, you can be invited to discuss certain products.

Blogger income varies greatly depending on visitors and traffic. With the right Blogger content strategy, you will get hundreds of thousands of visitors every day and be able to make millions of comments every day. Tempting isn’t it?

Opening a Business in E-Commerce

The next method of making money legally is selling products on E-Commerce. Opening a business in E-Commerce you don’t need to pay a penny or it’s free. You just need to open an account and start selling your products.

There are many advantages when you open a business in E-Commerce. Not only can you save on business opening fees, the existence of an online store can make it easier for customers to make purchases.

Customers will easily find your product and be able to buy products without having to leave the house. With this online business, you will earn a lot of up to millions.

Selling as a Dropshipper

If you are worried about what product to sell, don’t worry, you can become a Dropshipper. This method is quite popular with many people who work from home, this is your opportunity to earn millions easily.

Dropshipping is a method for you to sell other people’s products without you preparing to ship the product. You don’t need to have a product because the product will be prepared and sent by the seller.

You can run the dropship system by selling the products found on e-commerce, sold to other platforms. The trick is quite easy, you can order objects through the dropship option at the supplier, after that the supplier will send the product to your customer.

With only gadgets and internet capital, working as a dropshipper can be considered profitable because it does not require a lot of payment. Dropshippers who are successful, let alone the profits, can find money up to tens of millions.

Join Affiliate Program

want to have a new source of income with just a click& share? Until, try to join the Affiliate Program. You can have commissions of up to millions by sharing product links on your social media pages.

Interesting right? The condition is that the list is very easy without a minimum of followers, you just need to record yourself at the affiliate and can immediately get a commission from the performance of sharing affiliate links that you have done.

As an affiliate, you will get multiple benefits from affiliate link commissions. You can also check the link click performance information and the sale of your share link results on the Affiliate page contained in the application.

Become an Application Tester

So a tester or tester of applications and websites can actually bring in enough money, you know. Especially if you find a project to test external applications, you will get a lot of profit!

Testing applications is very useful for developers to identify problems or bugs in applications that are being developed. Once an application case is identified, the application developer will understand how to fix it.

Each test usually takes 10 to 20 minutes, you can do it with Windows and MacOs PC features or smartphones. Willing to carry out customer-provided instructions and can get paid $10 per test.

Host Live Streaming

If you like dialogue and appear in public, now there is an alternative to being a host or MC on social media. In live broadcasts, you can earn money from advertising and how many viewers come to your live broadcast.

Live streaming hosts or streamers do not only cover the realm of games. There is a lot of streaming content that you can try on various social media. You can try to make travel streaming content, learn languages, experience stories and so on.

The income of successful streamers is also not to be underestimated. A streamer who has a lot of viewers in his live streaming can earn up to hundreds of millions per month.

Selling Image Works on the Microstock Web

If you have a photography hobby, you can submit your images to Microstock sites on the internet. You will get royalties from downloading your images by individuals or institutions.

The microstock website is a website that provides images or photos for media or web illustration needs. Microstock webs include Shutterstock, FreePik, iStock Photo, Dreamstime. com, and so on.

On this website, you are free to upload any image. If there are people who are interested in your photos after downloading them, you will earn enough income. This can be your side profession.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Investing in Cryptocurrencies can actually bring you profit or even loss. For that, before entering the world of crypto investment, you need to study the effects and tricks first.

Cryptocurrency itself is a digital currency that can only be used in cyberspace. You can invest in various types of crypto currencies, this investment can provide a fairly large return, so you will get more profits.

If you can start investing in crypto with little capital, you can get a profit if you are successful in this investment. After that, you can continue investing in crypto again with the results you have obtained earlier.

However, investing in this cryptocurrency has a big effect even though the profits are big. Therefore, learning to develop a crypto investment strategy means a lot to you.

Online Lesson Teacher

If you have expertise in a language, a hobby, or a subject, you can open online tutoring to earn bonus money from home. You can open online tutoring in person with friends, or in collaboration with institutions.

By giving private or bulk online lessons, you can get students from all over the world. This will save the cost of going to the student’s house and not take up much time.

You just need to prepare a PC or gadget and other supporting features such as a microphone and camera so that it can appear virtually. The income as an online tutor is quite varied according to the price you set for one meeting.

Offer Design Services

Not only writing, graphic designer freelancers are currently very much needed by citizens. can offer design services to clients on various websites and social media. Before opening a design service, you must understand the various design applications and determine your design specialty.

Clients will make sure to use your services or not by looking at the design portfolio that you create. If according to their wishes, you can work on the design project.

The fee for using graphic design services can be very large up to tens of millions, depending on the project convention between the designer and the client.