When it comes to making cash, there are quick ways such as answering surveys and selling on eBay. If you are interested in a longer-term view, an online MBA could be just the ticket. The MBAs are pretty easy to complete and keep paying for themselves year after year. Online means you have a flexible schedule, and the stuff you learn leads to lucrative money-making opportunities.

1. It Gives You Prestige

A masters level degree lends a certain amount of prestige and credibility to your business efforts. This is generally true no matter which school you earn it from. Simply having an MBA sounds awesome to prospective clients and lenders. It shows you are smart, driven and determined.

2. Your Networking Prospects Expand by Leaps and Bounds

Networking is the key to success for many businesspeople and entrepreneurs, and school is a great way to build your portfolio of contacts. Here’s an example; the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland offers internship assistance, meaning not only will you connect with top-of-the-line faculty members, you’ll get hands-on experience in the real business world to expand the list of people you know. Also, there are more than 60,000 alumni you can get in touch with for moneymaking ideas. learn more about Maryland’s online MBA , and see for yourself the incredible opportunities for networking. The more people you know, the higher your ideas may soar.

3. Your Learning Benefits You Long Term

Good old-fashioned learning is probably the most obvious benefit. You might have an innate mind for business, but an online MBA helps your plans take shape. Classes may include operations management, global immersion (with a focus on a specific country, say, Brazil), marketing, statistics, and business analysis. Some of this you can learn on your own, but over the long term, having this knowledge under your belt should help you reap more rewards. Depending on the school, you can specialize in areas such as finance, marketing, or supply chain management.

Your soft skills should improve as well; you further develop research, writing, and communication abilities, for example. These are transferable skills that will help you better execute your ideas.

4. Flexibility Abounds

Online MBAs are much more flexible than in-person programs. You typically have the option to learn at your own pace, and you can study from anywhere. This way, you’re not starting your post-graduation phase at a disadvantage—no need to lose riches right away by uprooting your life to quit your job and move to where you do an in-person program. You get to save your money up front.

5. Job Opportunities Expand the Possibilities (and the $$$) 

Suppose you’d rather not take the route of being an entrepreneur. No problem! MBA graduates work for employers in all kinds of industries and hold job titles such as logistician, marketing manager, and fundraiser. Say you have a bachelor’s degree. Getting that MBA could mean that over the course of your career, you earn $100,000 or more than you would have if you stayed with the bachelor’s. learn more on this blog post.

So there you have it. Lots of reasons to get an online MBA. You might not get rich overnight, but if you give it a few years, you could be in great position. There’s no time like the present to start doing amazing stuff!