Comics online as source of income: the case study IronClawed

As you know in the last decades comics have become more and more popular thanks to the massive movie transpositions of the most famous comics, creating an interesting market in the enteirtanment business.

Many don’t knows that now comics can be found on-line and not only in comics stores like in the past; this new way of propagation allows a huge, world-wide, distribution of self-made comics.

In the web there are a lots of comics blog where people can directly promote their stories, creating a brand new business that can lead them to increase their earings by selling their artwork without the need of a publisher and avoiding the costs of printing and distribution of the comic books; some artist even created a real market by selling, many gadget related to their comics, just like big companies do, this way the readers can directly support their favourite artist.… READ MORE

Considerations when buying a home in Australia as a couple

In Australia, as with most other countries, the law has different rules for married and unmarried couples who want to purchase a property. There are legislations and courts that are set up to deal with marital assets, but if you’re unmarried, the situation can turn into a very difficult experience. This is why it’s important to set up ground rules before getting a home mortgage loan and officially living in a home together.

Acquire a co-purchase agreement. This may sound overly legalistic, but asking your partner to sign a formal written document will lead to better situations later on. A co-purchase agreement works to protect the both of you by formalising each person’s rights and responsibilities. It also serves as a dispute resolutions mechanism and exit strategy in relation to the purchase.

The co-purchase agreement also covers things like who will pay the utilities, what will happen if the relationship … READ MORE

5 Reasons an Online MBA Could Be Your Ticket to Riches

When it comes to making cash, there are quick ways such as answering surveys and selling on eBay. If you are interested in a longer-term view, an online MBA could be just the ticket. The MBAs are pretty easy to complete and keep paying for themselves year after year. Online means you have a flexible schedule, and the stuff you learn leads to lucrative money-making opportunities.

1. It Gives You Prestige

A masters level degree lends a certain amount of prestige and credibility to your business efforts. This is generally true no matter which school you earn it from. Simply having an MBA sounds awesome to prospective clients and lenders. It shows you are smart, driven and determined.

2. Your Networking Prospects Expand by Leaps and Bounds

Networking is the key to success for many businesspeople and entrepreneurs, and school is a great way to build your portfolio of contacts. … READ MORE