As you know in the last decades comics have become more and more popular thanks to the massive movie transpositions of the most famous comics, creating an interesting market in the enteirtanment business.

Many don’t knows that now comics can be found on-line and not only in comics stores like in the past; this new way of propagation allows a huge, world-wide, distribution of self-made comics.

In the web there are a lots of comics blog where people can directly promote their stories, creating a brand new business that can lead them to increase their earings by selling their artwork without the need of a publisher and avoiding the costs of printing and distribution of the comic books; some artist even created a real market by selling, many gadget related to their comics, just like big companies do, this way the readers can directly support their favourite artist.

An interesting example is the blog were the young artist Ivan Jurkovic posted his comics Iron Clawed; there you can find an archives of the comic chapters and some interesting information about the comic’s backstory, all just a click away, without the need to wait for a montly trip to a comics shop.

The stoty takes place in a parallel universe where World war II never ended and people, with green or orange skin, fight in the army of the Allies (Russia, America and the UK) against the machine-looking army of the Fourth Reich.

The main characters are the Croatian pilot Ivan and his friends Spiro and Nicola, while the villain is the F├╝hrer Kragen who wants to exterminate the human race with the help of Professor Fraz and his tech weapons.
Thoose fantastic weapons are described in the Armory page of the blog where most curious readers can learn about the strengths of the army and their tanks, aircrafts and other weapons.

To ensure the audience’s sactisfactions the author is very active on his Facebook social page wher he can interact with his more that 10.000 followers.