No matter how you accomplish your weight loss goals, losing a lot of weight is an accomplishment to be proud of. Instead of going out and celebrating your weight loss, you should accept it as your new lifestyle and find other things to celebrate. When the weight is gone, your goal is to keep it off and enjoy your new good health. In order to keep that weight off, there are five things you should never want to see again after you have achieved your health goals.

Deep Fried Foods

A big part of losing weight is giving up foods that will never help you to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. The fryer baskets at your local fast food joint were your enemy when you were losing weight, and they will always be your nemesis when it comes to your health. Stay away from deep fried foods and never try to justify just one more order or fries to help celebrate your new healthy lifestyle.

Processed Sugar

One of the biggest parts of an American diet, whether you intentionally add it or not, is processed sugar. It seems like food companies put sugar in everything to help add a sweetened taste that brings people back. When you choose your foods as you shop, be sure to read labels and avoid those foods that have processed sugar which you may not expect. Certain sauces, breads and other foods add sugar and you need to be sure to avoid it to keep the weight off.


If you are looking for an easy number to count that will help you to avoid putting the weight back on, then start counting carbohydrates. Talk to your doctor about how many carbohydrates you should ingest each day, and use food labels to start counting.


Sodium is bad for your heart, and it also causes you to retain water. That water you retain shows up when you step on the scale, so do your best to reduce the sodium from your life and you will feel much better.

Losing weight is an accomplishment you should be proud of. The best way to celebrate weight loss is to take the necessary steps to keep the weight off and give your body a chance to enjoy its new high standard of health.