Money OrderOther than the convenience element, if one thing does contribute to the popularity of the money order system on a big scale, it is the expense. A verify can be a better selection, but perhaps you do not trust the payment recipient with your bank account quantity. I bought a walmartmoneycard like over a year and a half ago to acquire things on the internet never ever had a problem. If you are going to try to money a money order at the post office, you might run into difficulty. If anyone has a money order above $1,000, it might be wiser to visit a bank to withdraw money. So you will get your card not a short-term a single, then activate it and then you will need to add cash on it to use it. You can also setup direct deposit but will have to wait till your employer or cash provider sets it up for you.

I saw a comment on here that mentioned they noticed their bank was switching about transactions to maximize costs. Considering that cash orders demand you to spend in advance, the money is not tied to any bank account and can be simply sent to other individuals. Geirge, You can acquire a Greendot Funds pack at any Walmart, Kmart, 711, Walgreens, CVS, Krogers.

When I get up there and present my money order I am told that Wal-Mart Cash Center can not money a Wal-Mart Cash Gram since that Wal-Mart Cash Gram is made out to me and not to Wal-Mart. One more way to send money is by means of a wire transfer, which is more rapidly but usually more expensive. I had the very same question as Shawn and had problems discovering the answer on the internet.

Not all money orders perform abroad, but U.S. Postal Service funds orders can be sent to 28 countries which includes the Bahamas, Canada, Japan and several Latin American nations. Another way to add funds to your card with no reload costs is to add funds on the internet from a bank, credit union, or other monetary institution through an electronic cash transfer.

James, I do agree with you but there are individuals who have got to the point they cannot even get a bank card and are forced to get a Prepaid Card just like the MoneyCard. My son bought a walmart Visa card on Dec 17th he had $300.00 bought card for $3.00 and placed the remander on the card when he went to activate it they stated they could not acitvate it. They refused to give him a pin so he could remove his money. Angel, I am not confident if you can buy one particular in China but you can go on the internet at and see what your possibilities are. I believe the identical thing occurred to me when I signed up for the Walmart Income Card.