Money OrderProtecting checking accounts from fraud and economic loss is an ongoing battle waged by depositors. It appeared that we had been finally receiving some support when we were offered a telephone quantity to the GE Income Bank. If something, this shows Duty AND ACCOUNTABILITY by using Walmart for check cashing, cash orders or something else. Your receipt will also have a tracking number that you can use to verify that the money order got to the intended recipient. You do not understand how frustrated I am with Walmart and this complete Money Order situation.

Tracy, You do not have to get yet another card just go to the service desk or any cashier and you can load funds on the card it price 3 dollars. We’ll cover the basics and much more, like exactly where to get income orders, charges, drawbacks, and alternatives. When I spoke with WalMart officials about this they told me they dont have any area to post this policy.

Your ideal bet may possibly be taking it to the institution that issued it — for instance, if it is a U.S. Postal Service money order, take it to the post workplace to cash it. You can also deposit the money order into your bank account. Also you can buy a Greendot card for about 4.95 and you can call a 1-800 quantity or get on the world wide web to add the funds to your Walmart card. Your bank may be the most clear, but the post office, convenience shops, grocery shops, verify-cashing shops, Western Union, and Wal-Mart all sell income orders, too. CVS Pharmacy also delivers income orders for 99 cents, with a maximum value of $500.

It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to make sure all posts and/or questions are answered. Another cause, if i know i have a massive debt that is coming up I could add income to the walmart card more than time, in tiny amounts so I would not have to hold back that cash correct just before that is debt is due. I am not usre if this is a normal policy with all prepaid debit cards but I am going to do some checking and see if Walmart Funds Card is the only 1 carrying out this or if other people. I has my refund depoist to my walmart card and I have been waiting one particular week for my cash.

They will give you two weeks to spend all the funds on the card and what you do not spend will be sent to you in a check. MikaylaDian, The dilemma is that not everybody can have a Standard Debit Card, some individuals just can not avoid the high Bank Costs. Postal Income Orders, by law, Must be cleared on the next business day – the complete quantity. But if you want to shop your income and pay for a lot more than just bills, a better solution is a prepaid debit card.