Maybe some of us are not familiar with the term. Brand awareness is the ability of consumers to recognize or remember a brand, including names, images, logos, as well as certain slogans that have been used by the brand in promoting their products. The ability of consumers to recognize and remember brands play a big role in the decision of someone to buy goods read too branding agency and design company.

Why is Brand Awareness Important?
Brand awareness is very important for any business because not only inviting consumers to buy from your business for the first time, brand awareness also makes consumers continue to buy from your business. People will be more likely to buy goods or use services from a name that they trust and are easily recognizable, for example from your business logo and tagline, your brand is the first thing that will appear in the minds of consumers when they will buy something. In addition, if they are satisfied with your brand, chances are they will tell others about your brand which of course will greatly help your brand.

Brand awareness is also commonly used as a measure of the performance of a brand. Every year, companies invest to continually improve and increase their level of brand awareness. Brand awareness is always monitored and if there is a decline, the company will use all advertising and marketing strategies to return to their brand awareness level. This is also an important key in marketing planning and strategy development.
Brand awareness also adds value to a product, service, or company. If you invest in building brand awareness, this can help your business to survive and become more advanced.

Own brand awareness can be categorized into 2 levels, namely:

Brand Recognition.

Brand recognition, which is also often called aided recall, is the ability of consumers to recognize a product when they see the product. Not necessarily consumers can remember their names, but they recognize it when they see the visuals of the product such as appearance, logo, slogan, or color.

Brand Recall.

Brand recall, which is also often called unaided recall or spontaneous recall, refers to the ability of consumers to remember the name of a brand from their memory based on product categories. At this level, consumers simply listen to product categories or see at a glance the products they need to remember the product brand. If your brand is already in this position, it means that consumers and prospective customers already have a store of memory about your brand.

According to research, consumers are usually able to name 1-7 brands in one category. For example, when someone wants to buy mineral water and see a beverage display, chances are they will choose a brand that is more familiar to their memories. A person’s ability to remember is influenced by several factors such as brand loyalty and frequency of product usage. The more often someone uses the product and if they have a high interest in the product category, they will be able to remember more brand names than consumers who don’t use the product too often and are less interested in the product category.