As a new or experienced employer, it may be hard to figure out how to create pay stubs online with so many pay stub generators. To create a stub, you must first know what one is, why they are needed, and the best pay stub generator to get the job done.


What is a pay stub?

A check pay stub is a document that an employer will give an employee, outlining the details of the amount being paid, almost like an earnings statement. Pay stubs can be used for your employees, independent contractors, and more.

Your pay stub will contain information about employees, including income tax, taxes paid, net pay, gross pay, proof of income, pay date, and more, depending on what you decide to include.

Why should I use pay stubs?

Paycheck stubs are necessary for an employer to provide to an employee or independent contractor for tax filing reasons. If you’re hiring an independent contractor, chances are they will be asking for a paycheck stub already.

While the federal government doesn’t require employers to use a paycheck stub, depending on your state, your state government might. Due to the Fair Labor Standards Act, you’re required to track the hours your employees work, which can be made easier with a stub.

Not only have pay stubs become so easy to make, but they are handy for when you go to do tax forms and file taxes or for an independent contractor to prove income.


Choosing a pay stub generator

When choosing a website to generate pay stubs, you may get overwhelmed by all the options. We recommend using Real Check Stubs to ensure you have a good experience. With the Real Check Stubs’ check stub maker, it’s made simple and easy to create a pay stub instantly.


How do I use Real Check Stubs?

If you’re confused or want to know if you’re doing it right, here are the steps to use the online check stub maker.

Pick Your Template

Pick the pay stub template which best suits your needs.


Enter Employee Information

After picking your template, put in the necessary employee details. These details include your company name, employee social security number, taxes withheld (such as state taxes, health insurance), total hours, and gross earnings.


Preview Your Pay Stub Information

After all the information is in the check stub maker, the next step is to preview the check stub. Read back over all information entered before moving on to the next step. If something significant is wrongly typed, it could mean trouble.


Download Your Pay Stub Online

The last step to creating your employee pay stubs is to download them. Make sure everything’s correct. Then, you can download it as a one-time purchase or as a subscription.


Use It Every Pay Period

Creating pay stubs can be made easy with this paystub maker, whether you’re testing the waters or looking to make it a permanent part of every pay period. Both the employer and employees will appreciate it!