Modern technology provides a platform for artists to promote their work and make money. Artists relied heavily on gallery visits before they could make sales. Advances in technology have given digital artists more ways to get their work across to potential customers and drive big sales. If you are into digital art and you haven’t made much profit from your work. Here are ways to make money with digital art:

Make Money

1. Use social media to sell your art

Some businesses use social media platforms such as social media to promote their wares. This has paved the way for art lovers and artists worldwide to connect for business. However, you cannot generate enough sales if you have a small social media following. That means you have to build a very strong base of followers. If you want to sell your digital artwork on social media, you should start by publishing high-quality images of your work on social media. For high-quality images, choose a clean background and take a photo of your masterpiece.

2. Sell vector designs on e-commerce platforms

If you are an artist who can do graphic design very well, you can take advantage of an e-commerce platform to sell vector designs. You can sell many types of digital artwork including illustrations, logo designs, icon packs, and character designs. Through this online platform, you can also sell music and eBooks to customers in need.

3. Apply for grants and competitions

Most of these grants are offered by non-profit organizations that aim to support young artists and promote culture. If you are new to this field and need funding, you can do some research online for grants for artists or competitions for artists. Once you find one, check the eligibility requirements and apply. This can be a great opportunity for you to showcase your talents and win cash prizes.

4. Sell other merchandise with your art

Another way to make money with digital art is to sell other merchandise using your art. You can do this by using a print-on-demand or drop shipping service. You can use a print-on-demand service to achieve this goal.

5. Earn commissions for original work

Business insiders use commissions to acquire customers and drive sales. Once you start commissioning your products, customers will even help you advertise your business to potential customers. You can also use creating awareness about your commissions using the platform. If you don’t know what commission to include and how much to charge for your art, you can verify from other artists who are at the same level as you.

6. Have an art blog and write on it

You can create an art blog to post pictures of your work for potential customers to see and buy. By creating a website, you can also use the platform to offer online courses to your website visitors. Make sure you feature your art regularly on your blog, talk about yourself, and how customers can order whatever item they want. You can make money with digital art on your art blog.