I have always wanted to visit different places around our country. I have only been to a few states. I have never been out west, but I would like to visit California. I have seen a lot of Orange County CA on TV shows. The first one I remember was the dad and two sons who make custom motorcycles. Where we live we have dramatic seasons. We have a springtime that can be snow or rain in the same day. Our summers can be hot, and our winters can be cold with little or a lot of snow. I do not know what it would be like to live year round in a place where it does not have seasons like I am used to.

Orange County CA is in southern California. It is part of the Los Angeles area. You have mountains and valleys in California like we have here, but the weather extremes are not as pronounced. As I get older, I would like to not have to wear a parka in the winter. I keep thinking about being able to be outside in a tee shirt in January, but I do worry about it being too hot in mid-July. Ideally, I would like to have enough money to have a home in both places, but that is not within our reach.

California is a big state. They have a GDP of almost 2.5 trillion dollars. Can you even imagine that? It is almost double the GDP of Texas. States like California are why we have electoral votes for president too. They have so many people that one state could shift the popular vote to elect a president if we did not have the electoral college. That would be too much power for one state out of 50 to have. California also has a lot more laws than I am used to here. Even their vehicles have to meet special California emission requirements to be owned and sold there. Still, I think Orange County CA is a pretty cool place, and I am anxious to visit there this winter.