Here are some ways to make money on the internet, which can be done by anyone:

1. Fill out an online survey

It turns out we can get money by filling out an online survey! Many companies are doing research by surveying many people and you can get a little money by filling out the surveys they provide. Little by little, it will accumulate a lot! Please search on any online survey search engine that has been proven to pay and immediately register yourself, but don’t just follow an online survey whose credibility is unknown because your time and mind will be wasted. Congratulations on filling out an online survey!

2. Become a blogger

Today’s internet has become a necessity for everyone, well then you spend time on social media and don’t produce anything, you can start writing your own blog which can be a daily experience, certain tips, or whatever, writing will easier if adjusted to your hobby or interest.
How to make blogs easy, you can find a way on the internet, and with a little perseverance, you will be able to do it. Delicious, there are many free blogs available such as Blogspot or WordPress.
If the blog posts are ready, first tell your friends so they visit your blog and share it with social media that you have so that your blog can get visitors. Blogs can be monetized with advertisements or you can become an affiliate to get extra money.

3. Make an online store

Online shops have now become a necessity for everyone because many people are lazy to come directly to the store or shopping place because of traffic, time and energy. People can now buy directly from online stores easily and quickly. Just choose the desired product or item and transfer payment, the item will be sent directly to the house, very practical right?
You can also open your own online store, how? The method is more or less the same as being a blogger, but the online store is filled with posting items that you want to sell. What if you don’t have your own goods or products? Easy, you can sell other people’s items, or commonly called the drop ship system, you can raise the price a little at a profit. With this dropship system goods or products will be sent to buyers on our behalf as sellers, is it really nice?

4. Article writing services

If you don’t want or are lazy to create a blog or online store because you can’t wait to get money, then you can open the services of an article writer. Many people who are website or blog owners who are lazy to make posts or articles and they choose to use the services of writing articles, this is your chance to help them at the same time to get extra money. Promote yourself as attractive as possible to attract people to use your services, and don’t forget that your services have competitive prices.

5. Online design services

As with article writing services, online design services can also be one way that you can make money from the internet. Design services can vary, such as logo designs, banners, banners, flyers, business cards, stickers, t-shirts, etc. Whichever one you can master is the best. If you get an order, make sure you do the best you can so you can get other orders because your work is considered good.

6. Become an Influencer

Influencers mean that you have a lot of followers or fans on social media, how do you do it? The trick is that you diligently and routinely post interesting things, usually activities related to your hobbies, such as food, sports, traveling, and so on. So influencers really need perseverance and patience because it takes a long time to do consistent posts and attract many people to become followers. Nowadays influencers have become a passion for some people, there is even an influencer whose followers on social media have reached millions, wow! Where do influencers get money? Of course, by having a lot of followers and fans, many companies are interested in promoting their products on social media influencers, which will automatically become a field of money. What are you interested in?

7. Other ways

If you are familiar with the internet world, there are actually many ways to get money from the internet, for example, website creation services, becoming a social media admin, selling domain services, selling websites or blogs, and so on.

The easiest and fastest way to get extra money

After reading the above methods it seems easy to get extra money from the internet because you just sit around without going anywhere and have a computer or laptop and an internet connection, but it’s still hard to live for some people because they still need focus and perseverance to get maximum results.
But there is one more easy way to get extra money easily and quickly that is still related to the internet world, how?
At this time there is one application called Cashback, the main advantage of this application is that you can get cashback instantly or directly when the transaction is complete.
But there is one more thing that is most beneficial, that you can get 50 thousand for free by referring your friends or family to use the Cashback application!
Now we try to count, if you refer only 5 people to use the Cashback application, then you will get 250 thousand, if for example there are only 20 people please multiply, you will get 1 million for free or for free! We all definitely have a lot of references, from family and close relatives, coworkers at the office, friends on campus, neighbors near home, and many more. Wow, please start counting!