Since the app explosion of 2008, it seems smartphone users can find an app for just about anything these days—from budgeting tools to first aid tips and dieting trackers. It turns out, the coffee culture is no different. A quick search for “coffee” in Android’s Google Play store or Apple’s app store yields hundreds of results, mostly for directions on coffee brewing proportions and where to find the closest coffee shop to your location. Below are a few coffee apps we think are worth considering.

Ember—A Few Degrees Better (Free for iOS and Android)This app only works with the Ember Mug, but the technological advances this pair has created makes us that much more excited about the future of apps. Invented by a Mr. Alexander, C., the Ember mug allows users to preset the mug to a specific temperature that it will automatically reheat to once it senses that the contents have cooled below that threshold. The app allows users to preset desired temperatures for every type of beverage—from tea to coffee to a latte—so heating the contents to the perfect temperature is as easy as pressing a button. Most travel coffee mugs are manufactured with insulated material to slow down the temperature change of the contents. However, this new mug insulates the beverage and keeps it at an optimal temperature by reheating it internally, keeping beverages warmer longer.


Baristame (Free for Android, $0.99 for Pro version)We consider this app the Coffee Bible. Not only does it educate coffee enthusiasts on beans, roasts, countries of origin, and the contents of popular espresso drinks, but it also includes directions on coffee to water ratio for French Press, Chemex, and Drip methods along with timers to prefect each cup. For only a dollar for the Pro version (which includes more features mentioned above), this app is useful for both novice and expert brew masters.


Barista Coffee Dictionary A-Z (Free for Android, $0.99 for iOS)This app includes much of the information given in the previously mentioned app, but is set up more like a dictionary. It gives over 450 definitions for everything coffee related. Users can find information ranging from bean classifications to cupping and tasting, as well as drinks and recipes of course.

Coffee In (Free for Android)This fun app allows users to explore coffee recipes from around the world and provides instructions for how to create these unique drinks. You can find recipes you wouldn’t normally see at your local coffee shop on the app, such as “Eggnog Frappe”, “Brazilian Coffee”, and even coffee cocktails. Each recipe page includes a coffee quote and fun coffee fact to keep the experience fresh and entertaining.


Art of Coffee ($2.99 for iOS)For more artistic coffee drinkers, this app allows users to hone their skills at coffee art. Beginners can discover how to make those cute leafy and heart images in their lattes, while experts can upload their creations to the app to share with other users. With this app, anybody can become an expert at latte art.