Loretta Nall

Money OrderThis has been a challenging week financially for my loved ones so I had to ask my mom to loan me a few bucks til payday so we’d have gas income. Final week, I purchased a M.. from a mini P.. located inside a nearby Safeway Supermarket right here in WA St. and given that I did not have the time to shop about and needed 1 ASAP, I was flabbergasted when the clerk told me that my M.. for just $5.00 would cost $1.25. I gulped and nearly mentioned neglect it, but decided to pay the buck twenty 5 anyway b/c I was pressed for time, but I was not in the least bit pleased about it I can tell you that.

I finally got rid of my Walmart Card also since I was missing 35 dollars and Walmart did not give me back my money and could not … READ MORE