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Unclaimed MoneyIf the government owes you money and you do not collect it, then it’s unclaimed. XXX LLC does organization in the Bronx, NY. The address registered with the Secretary of State for New York for filing of service is in Nassau County, NY. That indicates you can expect about 1 out of 9 Texas Two Step drawings to feature a winning combo in which the bonus ball matches a single of the four typical balls. By means of an unrelated sequence of events I have now learned that the Agent I retained for XXX LLC had maintained a lockbox with the identical Post Office Box number in Yonkers New York that the Comptroller of New York State has linked with the unclaimed funds.

Hi dorsi, really each and every country has lots and lots of bank accounts which are unclaimed , some even possessing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Start … READ MORE

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Unclaimed MoneyJust occurred to me. I reached picked it up and yelled around if this hundred was anybodies. House in a holder’s possession is presumed unclaimed or abandoned if it is unclaimed by an owner after a period of time set forth for the certain kind of property as outlined in Chapter 523A, HRS. I am very pleased with the speed of filing of my claim and that I received my funds in just a few weeks. Once you know that there is unclaimed property waiting for you in some state’s coffers, it is very straightforward to file a claim. I hope this post (hub) aids you locate some unclaimed money that perhaps you did not know about.

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