Small business loans are often needlessly difficult to obtain. This can be particularly vexing for businesses that need money in a hurry. In fact, a substantial number of small businesses are forced to close shop every year as a result of being unable to obtain these loans. Fortunately, a convenient alternative to traditional small business loans exists in the form of merchant cash advances. Cash advances are offered by a growing number of merchant lenders and can help tide your business over until things turn around.

You’ll Receive the Money in a Timely Manner

As any longtime business owner can confirm, successfully obtaining a small business loan entails jumping through a number of hoops. By the time you actually receive a decision, it may even be too late to put the money to good use. Conversely, with cash advances from merchant lenders, you’ll have your money in a matter of days. If expedience is what you’re after, a merchant lender cash advance is just what the doctor ordered.

You Can Use the Money as You See Fit

When going the traditional route for small business loans, you’re liable to find a plethora of restrictions placed on how the money is used. Additionally, if the loan isn’t used in the agreed upon manner, your business may wind up in hot water. On the flip side, many merchant lenders don’t place any restrictions on how cash advances are used. This gives business owners the freedom to allocate funds in the exact manner they see fit without worrying about potential repercussions from banks.

Repayment is Simple

Repayment is often the most complicated thing about small business loans. Fortunately, merchant lenders like Business Credit & Capital seek to make it much easier. When giving you a loan, many of these lenders will buy a percentage of your future revenue and regard the loan as an up-front advancement of those funds. In order to collect repayment, the lender will deduct a small percentage of future sales. This ensures easy, hassle-free repayment with minimal effort on the part of borrowers.

If you’re tired of dealing with copious amounts of red tape every time your business finds itself in need of a loan, consider the benefits of merchant cash advances. Small business owners are sure to appreciate receiving the money in a timely manner, having the luxury of using it without any restrictions and being able to repay it without hassle.