Understanding Internet Marketing or Electronic Marketing itself is electronic marketing carried out by someone be it a webmaster, practitioner, website owner or anyone who markets goods or services on the internet with certain targets that he has.

Internet Marketing is the English language which when translated into Indonesian is “internet marketing”. The term of this work we also often hear like; Internet marketing, e-marketing, or online-marketing. As well as many other terms that we hear relating to internet marketing.
Simple Example of Internet Marketing
• You have a health product to fatten the body.
• Then you create a website to sell the product.
• Apart from the website, you also sell the product to your friends through Facebook or Twitter interactions.
• You have also decided to place other ads such as Adwords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads or others to increase your

Benefits of Using Internet Marketing

In 2017, it turns out that there are still many people in the world who do not know for sure what the actual benefits of electronic marketing are? Is it more effective than the offline method? most of which we know through brochures, billboards, advertisements, and so on.
Some things that you should know about the broad benefits of using internet marketing methods are as follows.
• Unlimited time. (24 hours nonstop)
• Broad market reach. (Not just districts, cities, provinces, countries. You can reach the world)
• Cost-effective. (You can save up to 80% on marketing costs)
• Establish direct relationships with consumers. (Can be a live chat, messenger or email)
• Minimal Risk. (Your store won’t have a fire, burglary or anything that happens in real)
• Competitors (Many business categories, especially in Indonesia, are still minimal competitors through internet marketing).
• And many other benefits that you get.

Internet Marketing Environment

Of course as a beginner, what else you are a businessman, all you have to know is the scope of internet marketing itself. How do you market it and where you will market a product or service that you have to get sales by your expectations.

Internet Marketing Perpetrators

Everyone who markets their products or services via the internet is internet marketing. But in-depth, Many people who explore internet marketing itself. So do not be surprised if now internet marketing services are scattered on the internet.
These people are called activists. Various terms for their designations also appear like “Internet Marketers”, “Internet Marketers”. These are people who have dedicated themselves to business on the internet. Whether it’s a marketing service or those who have long explored their business through internet marketing.
Internet marketing activists are also demanded to keep abreast of trends. Whether it’s a trend in social media, search engines, techniques, and strategies. So, of course, they can implement the right kind of internet marketing that they do.

Strategies, Techniques & Research for Internet Marketing

To achieve a certain target in a marketing strategy, techniques and market research are needed. What’s more, you work for a large enough company that expects more measurable sales of your performance.
As an initial stage, many tools can help your work for marketing, analysis, and others.