Money OrderA money order is merely a tiny piece of paper that permits the particular person named on the order to obtain a specified quantity of cash. Editorial Disclosure: This content is not supplied or commissioned by the bank advertiser. We go into the Wal-Mart in Alexander City to get the money order cashed at the Wal-Mart Income Center. I will use up what funds I haveon thecard and it will be the last time I purchase one particular from walmart! This can be crucial if you’re sending income to a business or individual you never completely trust. Be positive to keep your receipt in case you want proof of payment or want to track when the order is received.

I have a prepaid debit card and its great for budgeting your income when you just do not know how to handle your spending, I am point of getting a WalmartMoneyCard but I am afraid of paying all those costs. So for those of you out there that are creating adjustments to the way you deal with your cash, and are going the money route, you may well want to verify out the $3.00 verify cashing service that Walmart offers. Nothing you just require to preserve money in your account Walmart will send you a new money card with a new exasperation date. I just wanted to let you know, that if you have a walmart gift card, you can’t purchase a green dot cash pack.

Cash orders are waived by some banks if you have a special account For instance, Wells Fargo waives funds orders if you have a preferred checking or Wells Fargo At Operate Checking Account. J Your card need to be great til the end of the Month and Walmart ought to send you a new card ahead of the end of the month if you Walmart income card is nevertheless active. Virgil, Thanks for letting us know you have had no concerns with your Walmart Funds Card. These days, credit unions are available to nearly everybody… They are a great option to banks, and a lot less costly than paying WalMart to money a check!

Just like with banks, Western Union does not give a set amount for a money order. I do most of my banking on laptop- the bank likes it. Easier for them and for me. There’s no charge on my accounts. If you have family in the US you can get them to obtain a single for you and give you to codes to load the income on your card. When you buy a money order, you spend for the amount up front, plus a modest charge.

It was a total error on my part and I would have no problem paying a tiny charge to return this but no, the only point I was told I could do was to fill out a form and send it to MoneyGram and be charged a $15.00 fee plus have to wait up to 65 days to recieve a verify!! Tip: If you have a higher tiered checking account, check to see if your bank gives totally free money orders. She went to Wal-Mart in Talladega and bought a Wal-Mart Cash Gram from the Wal-Mart Income Center.